​We are certified by the Portuguese government PPART program as recognized Handicraft Production Unit Nr. 120794. It is a guarantee seal that our work is characterized by loyalty to traditional processes, where the personal intervention is a predominant factor and the final product is unique and genuine.

In all our work we also put our copyright stamp and the signature of the master that made it.

Our own models are always in limited series, making them rare and more valuable over time. 

All the wood and ivory used have their Certificate of Origin, thereby our client is certain that what he is buying is an authentic piece and that it respects nature and all the legislative requirements.

​How we work and the materials we use is indeed our best guarantee.

Our experience dates since 1954. The experience and knowledge acquired over these years is an indisputable value for our work.  

​The work is prepared, designed and meticulously executed.

The pieces created or restored by Atelier de Móveis d’Arte Canhoto, are pieces of art that remain from generation to generation, full of Art, Value and Beauty.