Program event session of information for promotion of arts and crafts Portugal  

18-03-2016 Information session event for the promotion of Arts and Crafts in Portugal

Atelier Móveis d’Arte Canhoto had the pleasure to participate in the Information Session event for the Promotion of Arts & Crafts in the city of Cadaval, held at the Auditorium Building of the Town Hall. Was guest speaker, as successful craftsman case study, João Luís Martins Canhoto representing the Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto.

See here more details of the session, with video...

  Reportagem de televisão "A arte da marcenaria e embutidos" com Mestre Firmino Canhoto   25-02-2016 Televisão "Você na TV" TVI
Cristina Ferreira e Manuel Luís Goucha

Reportage "the People Stories". Master Firmino Canhoto, born in a small village in Portugal (Beira Alta - Aveloso Mêda), where his father put him to begin to learn the profession of joiner ... So this way begins his story to the present day, as the reference joiner in the luxury furniture market and in the noble art of artistic carpentry and marquetry.




  VIP entrance table of the National Assembly of Angola  

10-11-2015 VIP entrance table of the National Assembly of Angola

Video with the manufacture of the table for the VIP entrance of the new headquarters building of the National Assembly of Angola, inaugurated on November 10, 2015. The table is the result of a custom order with inlaid diferent wood, bronze cast statues and stone Lioz.

  Portuguese National Handicrafts Fair   03-08-2015 Portugal em Direto, a television show of RTP1, publicize the national crafts in FNA, at Vila do Conde

At the National Handicrafts Fair in Vila do Conde, where more than 60 artisans do live work, in order to cherish the traditional arts and crafts of Portuguese culture. The quality of the artisans must be secured with a national fair, to enjoy the charm of its craftmanship of our cultural roots, history and collective memory.




  Alta costura dos móveis portugueses.  

28-06-2015 Somos Portugal, a television show of TVI, publicize luxury handicraft at FIA

"Treasury is this safe. This is art ... this is a gem, a luxury," were the words of the presenter of TVI, Ana Isabel, seeing the exhibits at Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto. Wood inlaid with rigor and precision, both in replicas and the restoration of decorative items.

  Alta costura dos móveis portugueses.   01-10-2013 Mundo S/A, television show of the brazilian TV Globo, shows haute couture of portuguese furniture

"The most respected woodworker master of Portugal," master Firmino Adão Canhoto received the illustrious reporter of TV Globo, André Luiz Azevedo. Reportage of "workshop, main super luxury furniture manufacturer in Portugal. Manufactures a table of the era of monarchy."




  Medalha de mérito a Firmino Adão Canhoto  

09-05-2013 Medal of Municipal Merit, Grade Silver in Culture to Firminoo Adão Canhoto

On the celebrations of the Day of the Municipality of Mafra, the Municipality of Mafra, honored Master Firmino Adão Canhoto for his talent at the service of craft divulgation, acting unanimously to assign the Medal of Municipal Merit, Grade Silver in the culture field.

  Cavaquinho solidário RTP1   07-05-2013 Television "Portugal em Direto" RTP1
Reportage "Ukulele Solidarity"

Master Firmino Adão Canhoto, beyond his passion for woodworking has also a passion for music. After visiting a elderly home, came up with the idea, of creating a project Ukulele Solidarity, which animates the homes for elderly in the municipalities of Mafra and Torres Vedras.




  Marceneiro dos segredos  

26-08-2011 Television "A tarde é sua" TVI
Fátima Lopes with "Joiner of secrets"

He is known as the joiner of secrets. His sons followed his footsteps. Master Firmino's slogan "Pobrete mas alegrete". With this phrase, his music and the art of artistic carpentry surprised Fátima Lopes. "An artist rare in our country."

  Fabrico e restauro de mobiliário português   12-11-2010 Television EMPRESAS&VALOR Reportage "Manufacturing and restoration of antique portuguese furniture"

The manufacture and restoration of Portuguese antique furniture is projecting abroad a family wood workshop, Móveis d'Arte Canhoto. Specialized in the reproduction and restoration of furniture from the 16th to 18th century. Every piece is numbered and in limited edition of 10 units.




  Mestre Firmino Adão Canhoto é um dos poucos embutidores portugueses  

09-04-2010 Television "Bom dia Portugal" RTP1
Reportage "Master Firmino Adão Canhoto is one of the few and rarest portuguese marquetry artisan"

Master Firmino Canhoto, the marquetry artisan from Mafra builds Indo-Portuguese furniture with inlaid wood work. Despite being an art with ever fewer followers, his two sons secure the future of their father's art work. An art the goes back in time, to the era of Portuguese Discoveries.