Firmino A. Canhoto starts learning carpentry arts.


Opens his studio in Monte de Caparica, Almada.


Moves his workshop to the actual facilities in Livramento, Mafra.


Initiates a series of exhibitions throughout the country and some countries in Europe, where he shows his works.

To date, Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto has always been present in the most prestigious exhibitions of art fairs in Portugal and several countries in Europe, where usually their artisans do live demonstrations of their work.


Discovering that his son, João Canhoto since its first steps in the workshop, had aptitude for the profession, invites João to begin to work with him.

1994 a 1999

Master Firmino A. Canhoto and João Canhoto teach Carpentry Art at the School of Conservation and Restoration by invitation of the director of National Museums and Palaces, Dr. Luz Simoneta Luz Afonso.


A picture representing the Cova da Iria, Fátima – Portugal, is crafted to be offered to His Holiness John Paul II.


Following the footsteps of her father Firmino A. Canhoto and her brother João Canhoto, after having attended some courses and trainings in the area, Carla Canhoto starts working in the atelier.


​Participation in the restoration of the Historical Parish Organ of S. Pedro dos Grilhões of Azueira, Mafra PORTUGAL.


​Assigned by the National Commission for the Promotion of Crafts and Craft Micro-enterprise, Letter of Craft Production Unit and Artisan Card to every element of the workshop.


The delegation of Harrods Department Store (London) chooses the Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto to expose their Artistic Furniture in their store, where they obtained great success.


Participation in the restoration of the 6 Historic Pipe Organs of the Royal Basilica of Mafra - PORTUGAL.