​Our work is spread over several countries in Europe and North America. We supply the Portuguese Royal House, collectors, art investors and several interior decorators. 

In the photo, Master Canhoto crafting the bed for the Infanta Maria Francisca, the daughter of the Dukes of Bragança.

It is a privilege for us to work in partnership with the famous organ maker Dinarte Machado. It has been several years in the recovery of historic pipe organs:

- Parish of S. Pedro dos Grilhões de Azueira, Mafra

- Church of the Convent of Santa Maria Semide

- 6 organs of Real Basílica Mafra

... among many others.

The restoration is our passion.

We work for particular individuals or institutions. Embracing each artwork as a new challenge. We revive history, in memory, beauty and splendor. Thus shaping future to the past.

We do restoration in a wide variety of styles, woods and parts, being furniture and patron saints a reference.

Music and the art of woodworking are to us two true passions.

Restoration of musical instruments is undoubtedly the best way to express our gratitude for what makes us dream.

​Our history is not only made from the past.

In 2010 we started new projects, bringing together with new designers, contemporary pieces with noble materials and ancient techniques of construction.