​The tree is generous and docile the wood, which created in us the passion for the art of working it. 

Experience gained since 1954, gave us the chance to know species, distinguishing qualities and application processes for each type of wood.

The wood for our furniture is dry following traditional processes, ie, they are sawn in Autumn and released several years outdoors to dry very slowly. 

For the interiors of the furniture, the wood applied is always well dried and with right rings to prevent its binding. 

Furniture with inlay wooden work is applied wood of different colors. These wood rather than to air-dry, are dried in an enclosed and dark room to avoid losing its natural color. 

​The tradition of metal working is also cherished in the hardware we apply.

Can be found in our furniture fittings in brass, plated gold or silver engraved.

The natural finish products, the shellac or beeswax, are meticulously prepared and applied by us in accordance with ancestors procedures. 

The glues used are tested and implemented in accordance according to the characteristic of each timber.